If you have missed the order deadline you can use the form below to request an online payment option, please read the frequently asked questions before ordering.


Before contacting us by phone or email, please read the frequently asked questions.

Q. Where is my child’s image in the online store?
A. Images of children are not displayed in the online store, your image reference is unique to your photo and that is all that;s required to order.

Q. Do packs A to D have to be the same photo?
A. Yes, these are the typical photo packs similar to school/nursery photos which all other companies provide.

Q. Why do I have so many photos to choose from?
A. It’s hard to cater for so many different tastes. Some parents want head shot photos, some want full body or laying down. We try to cater for as many styles as reasonably possible to ensure customer satisfaction.

Q. Why do you only do packs E,F & G  as mixed photos?
A. These packs were introduced to give parents/carers the opportunity to have a selection of different photos without having to buy multiple photo packs. It also provides more value than purchasing 5 individual photos.

Q. Are email images £15 for one image?
A. Yes, your email image is Hi Res and you are able to have it printed out wherever you like at many different sizes at the fraction of the cost of photo packs.

Q. Do key rings have to be the same image?
A. Yes, the photo lab does not provide the facility to have multiple images for key rings

Q. Where will my online order be delivered?
A. All online orders placed before the deadline date will be delivered back to school, the only exception is photo emails which are processed within 24 hours of purchase, orders placed after this date will be classed as late orders. (see the question below)

Q. Why are late orders not delivered in cardboard mounts?
A. Late orders are processed by the photo lab and posted directly to your home. The photos are not supplied with card board mounts as photo lab do not stock them.

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