Get The Best School Photos You’ve Ever Had Of Your Child

We Take The Time To Communicate With The Kids & Make School Photos Fun

On Thursday 26th October You Can Bring Your Children Along To Our ‘Pop Up Studio’ From 09:00 Onwards At The Brookhouse on Barnsley Road Opposite the Aagrah.

Are you disappointed with this years school photos ??………is so then I can help.

My name is Shane Poole and I am a local based photographer who specialises in nursery/school photography. I have taken over 7000 children’s pictures over the past few years and have produced quality images at affordable prices.

The downfall of ‘standard’ school photography, often leaves parents buying photos that could have been better. Usually its down to a quick 20 second photograph, taken in a rush without the time to put children at ease and get the best smile. Or it could just be that unbuttoned cardigan, hair over your child’s face or dinner on the clothes …. the list is endless.

Due to the time and logistical constraints in any school photo day, many of the issues are hard to avoid. My solution to this is to set up a ‘pop up’ studio locally, where you can book 5 minute time slots and come along with your child in their uniform for a re shoot session.

Everyone attending will get their own secure online photo gallery with the option to buy prints which are priced very competitively to this years photos at school…….However if you want the Hi-Res digital files you can download all of your photos for only £25 for individuals or £30 for siblings. This will be anything from 5 to 20 shots depending on how many siblings they have.

To book your free 5 minute slot simply CLICK HERE and choose the ticket you require.