Choosing Your Wedding Car

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Choosing the right wedding car for you and your spouse may seem like one of the more simple things to decide open but there are quite a few things to take into consideration before booking your wedding car company.


This paragraph should really be in the middle of the article but I’ve put here as it could have catastrophic repercussions for your wedding day…

On August 13 2005 I was taking part in the “happiest day of my life!”

Whilst enroute to our reception in Barnsley we were driving past Staincross golf club, a couple of miles from Newmillerdamn when the car broke down and wouldn’t start.

It hadn’t even occurred to me as we were in a vintage car older than my nan to ask to see their breakdown cover or backup plans….. Fortunately they were aware of potential issues and had another following behind so we got to the reception only 5 minutes late.

It may have been slightly embarrassing calling people to pick us up.

Here Are Some More Pointers.

Decide who will be travelling in the wedding cars.

Work out the number of bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and pageboys that you will be having. Each person entitled to travel as your wedding party may also want you to arrange their transportation, so be clear about this in advance.

  • Knowing who needs to go in the wedding party car(s) will help you to decide how many cars need booking. If you require two or more cars, or a larger vehicle to get the whole wedding party to the areas you’re going, organized appropriately and on time, then you need to know this now.

Map out what will happen in terms of moving around on your wedding day.

How many trips will the wedding party make through the day? Is the travel distance short or long? If it’s longer than a quarter of an hour, comfort will be a very important factor. At all times, safety is a priority too.

  • Think about timing and be practical. Choose the journey ahead of schedule. A few ladies like to take a scenic route before the ceremony. In other words, they like to be fashionably late.
  • Also, after the service the bride and groom may like to get some photos taken at various spots.

Note that while the wedding car company will help you to arrange a route and timings, you do need to be realistic.

When deciding on your route and additional trips, consider what you need and allow plenty of time for everything.


Look for a company that specializes in wedding car hire.

This may be a company with a lot of staff or it might be an owner-driver company who is well-known for having a very special car. Whoever you choose, they must have a good reputation and be known for their reliability.

  • Look for a company that has been established in the wedding car hire business for many years.
  • Ask for references from people who have used the wedding car/owner-driver business before. Or, check online for feedback.
  • Choose a firm who knows the area in which the wedding is taking place well. Ask if the drivers have GPS.
  • Make sure the chauffeurs follow a timetable. Good companies will know to check ahead for any disturbance on the streets or if there any arrangements for roadwork that may cause delays.

Consider what sort of car reflects you and your spouse-to-be.

 It’s your day and the car is a part of the whole package. The style of the auto is generally as critical as getting the colour plan of your wedding right. Aim to match the style of the wedding auto to the style of your wedding.

  • Do you like all things vintage? Then maybe a vintage car is a good choice.
  • Do you like traditional things? Then an exemplary Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, Bentley or Jaguar may be the best choice.
  • Do you like to live fast and racy? Perhaps a racing car or a car known for speed is your style.
  • Do you like making a bold statement? Maybe a stretch Hummer or a hotted up streetcar is more to your tastes?
  • Do you like modern and minimal? Choose a standard, modern and well accessorized car that is reliable and neat.
  • Do you like quirky? There might be unusual vehicles that are available for you to use. These might not be available through the usual wedding car specialists though, so keep that in mind when choosing a vehicle that is somewhat out of the ordinary.


View the wedding car before you book.

Hire companies vary in standards. The cars can differ enormously in their condition. Find out if the cars are garaged; if they are, it is likely that they will be of a higher standard and better kept up.

  • Good limo companies will have a showroom and will welcome you to view the cars at appointed times.
  • You may also be able to see the relevant cars at various wedding expos, if you’re able to attend such events.


Think about the wedding dress and its spread within the auto.

As with the car’s shade and style, you will likewise need to consider the size of the wedding car with respect to your dress. If you intend on having a large dress, or long train, then select a car that is suitable. Squashing into a small car will crease the dress or train and may well spoil the day for you.

Read through the contract.

When booking, ensure that you have a clear contract/ wedding agreement that outlines the journey, hire period, type of car and what is expected on the day. If you don’t understand the terms, ask for clarification. Better still, bring along someone who is familiar with contracts and is willing to read through it for you, such as a business person, a legal officer or someone who likes fine print and details.

If you’re considering getting married in Wakefield I’ve taken the time to get all the wedding venues,cars and some florists in a PDF, just click on the link below .

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