Wedding Venue Advice

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Choosing your wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make when planning your wedding so you need to decide what style of wedding, how many people you’re inviting and how far from the church your reception will be if you’re not having a civil service where the service and reception is usually in the same venue.

You’ll have to give this some thought as the options in the Wakefield are quite varied, if you prefer country style wedding in a large marquis and Hog Roast in the evening then Farmers Copley’s in Pontefract may be for you…

Or maybe you prefer a package that’s all inclusive and superb all around value at Park Restaurant & Grill, set in the beautiful surroundings of Waterton Park and Walton golf course. Not many people know that Waterton Park was the world’s first nature reserve, built in 1821.

If you feel that being as close to transport link is important, The Holiday Inn is just of the M1 at J40. They have special guest rates for guests staying overnight and some all-inclusive packages which are fantastic value.

It’s perfectly normal to book your venue 12/18 months before the big day, it just gives more time to get organised and decide on the finer details such as decorations etc. If you already have your wedding date fixed you should call the venue before visiting to see if it’s available to avoid a wasted journey.

Ideally you should decide on a budget and have a rough idea for wedding guest numbers before starting your search as this will help shortlist your venue options, drinks packages and catering take up a large portion of it so keep that in mind.

Is there enough nearby accommodation in the area? The last thing you want is to book your wedding venue and then realise there’s nowhere for the guests to stay after they’re well-oiled and not fit to drive. A few google searches on nearby hotels should solve this.

Last of all; ask how many weddings are held in the venue per day. This may have a huge impact on your choice to hold your wedding at that location.

If you’re considering getting married in Wakefield I’ve taken the time to get all the wedding venues,cars and some florists in a PDF, just click on the link below .

Wakefield Wedding Vendors

p.s. If you haven’t booked your photographer yet feel free to call or drop me an email… Shane