Hi I'm Shane

Over the past 17 years, I’ve honed my craft as a photographer, capturing not just weddings but the world of dance and the dynamic energy of theatre shows in video as well as photography.

My journey is unique: from the disciplined life in the armed forces, serving in Afghanistan, to embracing the creative chaos of wedding photography/ videography, dance, show performances and schools.

Balancing this with the ups and downs of family life and two teenagers keeps me on my toes. My camera is my tool for storytelling, capturing moments with sincerity and a touch of humor, reflecting the complexities of life’s tapestry. Welcome to my perspective, where each click reveals more than just an image.



“My daughter has had many competition action shots from Shane as well as a studio shoot. Shane is brilliant with even the quietest of dancers, and gets the best shots every time. His work really is amazing, & his dance shoots are really fun.”

Love What You Do

As well as the listed services on my pages I also work closely with a number fashion labels and local businesses creating great videos as well as stunning images so if you have an exciting project, a quirky idea then get in touch!