Hi I'm Shane Poole

I've first picked up the camera in 2006 initially focusing on nurseries and school photography, since then I've photographed over 10,000 children and have a fantastic multi-set studio based in Huddersfield.

Over the passed few years I've also rapidly become very well known for dance photography both in the studio and outdoors photographing hundreds of dancers every week capturing the action at competitions around the country, Some clients have travelled as far as Norway, Ireland and Scotland to visit the studio.

Prior to being a photographer I was in the British Army with the Royal Signals, it was a lot of fun and a great experience but left as marriage and family life for me probably wouldn't have worked as well as it does for some.

Who's the dodgy man in the vest?



“My daughter has had many competition action shots from Shane as well as a studio shoot. Shane is brilliant with even the quietest of dancers, and gets the best shots every time. His work really is amazing, & his dance shoots are really fun.”

Love What You Do

As well as the listed services on my pages I also work closely with a number fashion labels and local businesses creating great videos as well as stunning images so if you have an exciting project, a quirky idea then get in touch!