I've been photographing nursery aged children for over 15 years and has captured fantastic shots of thousands of young ones from 6 months to 4 years old. The way I get the best results is by getting onto the childs level, being very relaxed and making it fun with no pressure….

Studio style photos or children in their nursery environment? The choice is yours!

Natural lifestyle photography is becoming a lot more popular in nurseries as we don’t need room to set up and the children can be photographed in their natural surroundings in their own room or outside area, this certainly benefits more shy children that may not want to have their studio style portrait taken.

 How We Work

Once a date has been scheduled you’ll receive posters and flyers about two weeks prior to the event. You can also post these on your FB page too if you’d prefer digital versions.

On the day I will get to nursery early to set up which takes about 35 minutes. The number of photos each child gets depends on their confidence. I usually try to capture between 2 and 8 images in various poses.

Any children not attending on the day can pop in during the morning if the nursery has up to 40 children. If there are over 40 children I suggest 10 minute slots late morning or early afternoon.

Within two days all the secure galleries will be online and available to purchase for 30 days. All the parent has to do is enter their password to view their photos.

After the 30 days is up your commission will then be calculated and paid